Robert Dean understands an educated and skilled workforce is critical to the economic sustainability of a community and supports making our public schools the best in Virginia. He supports the integral role of our teachers and staff to make a difference for every student, every day, in facilitating high academic expectations.

Fix the Grading System

Robert Dean believes that actual grades (A, B, C) should be given at the elementary level rather than the subjective system that is currently in place (AP, P, DP, N). The bar should be set high for our students so that they strive to reach their highest potential. He also believes that the great academic achievements of Valedictorian and Salutatorian should be re-instituted in Virginia Beach Public Schools. We should never discourage students from striving for excellence. Currently, our high school students score lower than the state average on the SAT and ACT. We can create a better system of accountability for our students.

Restore Classroom Discipline

Recent teacher surveys indicate great concerns among teachers regarding student discipline problems. Robert believes that Virginia Beach teachers are the centerpiece to the success of our schools and their concerns must be addressed. When teachers are not supported by administration regarding student discipline, teacher morale declines and they are not able to effectively do their job. We must restore classroom discipline to allow our teachers and students to be successful.

Reduce Class Sizes

Teachers, students and researchers all agree – smaller class sizes are crucial to a school’s success. Smaller class sizes allow for teachers to more effectively address student misconceptions, maintain classroom management and build relationships with students. Students are more likely to participate in deeper discussions in class and receive individualized feedback. I will support reducing class sizes to reach these goals.

Enhance School Security

Robert believes that school safety is the paramount responsibility of the School Board and will strive to improve the safety of our students and staff members. Recent teacher surveys indicated that there are concerns regarding school safety. He will work with community stakeholders in bettering teacher work conditions and enhancing our school’s security measures.

Robert Dean would be honored to have your support for the Rose Hall District Seat on the School Board. All Virginia Beach voters can vote in the upcoming Special Election on November 5.